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The Team | FlyingElvi

The Team

The Flying ELVI team combines a spine tingling aerial skydiving performance of smoke trails, pyrotechnic fireworks, and precision maneuvers with an over-the-top entertaining stage show.

Jumping from altitudes of 5,000-12,500 feet above the earth, they free-fall for up to 9,500 feet at speeds ranging from 120 to 160 miles per hour. Team members are all United States Parachute Association Pro- rated skydivers with an average of over 3,000 jumps each. Having thrilled audiences at events across the country for the past nineteen years, these daredevils of the sky are more popular than ever, and bring a bit of nostalgia to every event as they inspire fond memories of the King himself, Elvis Presley.

The Flying ELVI will make any occasion a spectacular happening!!! In addition, these “Parachuting Presley’s” add a personal touch with fun-filled interviews for newspapers, radio and television. They attract media coverage of all kinds in record numbers to concerts, hotel casino events, mall openings, air shows, product launchings and events of all kinds. So insure the success of your big event and invite the “Flying ELVI”, that is if you want the most talked about, enjoyed and remembered “Spectacular” happening ever.

Flying ElVI Team Members

“Captain” Rick Moffett
Pat Hemenway
Scott Sylvia
Brian Moler
Chris Smith
Bob Stahl
Barney Stoll
Jim Dolan
Robert Browning
James Perez
Dan Fees
Greg Bishop
Brent Buckner
Rich Brooks
Blane Moler
Michael Burt

Flying Elvi Retired Members

“Captain” Mark Gillespie
Bruce Henderson
Tony Gallo
Tom Nitshke
Greg Beloit
Cary Stephens
Dennis Wright
Joe Kaufman
Roger Foster
Tracy Buxton
Paul Moran
Will Forshay
Joe Crotwell

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